You have seen the TV shows, read the books and magazine articles and are dreaming of a clutter-free life!

When you are ready to face the clutter (and the emotional stuff) don’t go it alone. Lighten Up! will take on your project, whether it’s your closet, home office, basement or your entire home. Lighten Up! provides professional organizing services to help you sort through your belongings and find solutions for your clutter. We are committed to helping you organize your home, one room at a time.

Professional Organizing Services Available:
1) Consultation to determine your goals and visions for you space. “Why do you want to get organized?”
2) Create a plan for action
3) Keep you focused on the project
3) Decluttering and sorting personal items into groups: what to keep, sell, donate, or dispose of
4) Arrange for removal of unwanted items
5) Provide space saving and storage solutions
6) Personal shopping for organizational and storage products
7) Assistance with decor, furniture placement and colour selections
8) Support for maintaining an organized space

“Identifying the cause of your clutter is the first step in getting it under control” – Oprah Magazine

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