Storage Solutions

Here are some great storage solutions that are visually appealing and will help keep your home clutter-free! By buying items with more than one use, you are maximizing the space in your home and taking advantage of all available storage areas. These items are especially great for small homes and apartments.




Age Friendly Conference

We had a great day meeting lots of seniors at the Age Friendly Conference at the Hellenic Centre today. There were some insightful speakers and roughly 400 attendees. We hope that we reached out to some seniors who are in need and were unaware that our services existed. With our baby boomers aging, London has a great need for Senior Move Management services, especially for those who do not have family around to assist with the overwhelming process of downsizing or transitioning to retirement living.IMG_0523 (1)

Closet Organizer


We love this inexpensive solution for closet organizing. This hanging organizer hangs from your standard metal shelving systems and makes great cubbies for your winter accessories such as toques, mittens and scarves. You could also use it to keep your shoes in, or to hold papers. $5.99 at IKEA!

New Year, New Chores!


Don’t be overwhelmed by long to-do lists! Our latest idea for getting organized in 2015 involves simplifying your chore schedule. Grab a mason jar from your neighbourhood craft store or thrift store and write down your weekly or monthly organizing goals and chores on individual pieces of paper. Fold & place into the jar. Draw one paper from the jar each week or month (whatever works best for you!) and tackle that task. The importance of this is to focus on one task at a time.

Task examples:

1) Clean out bedroom closet & donate unwanted items

2) Organize all Holiday Decorations into stackable containers

3) Create organizing system for mudroom

Happy purging!

Helpful Elves for the Holidays


Do you have a friend or family member who is a senior living in a retirement home? Lighten Up! wants to help them get ready for the holidays! We are offering packages for seniors to help decorate their suites, wrap presents, write Christmas cards or just help tidy up and re-organize to prepare for guests during the holidays. If you know someone who could use this special service, please contact us for more information!



PD Day

Today was a fantastic day for professional development with the London Chapter of the POC (Professional Organizers in Canada)! Fabulous speakers with great ideas for many aspects of running your own business. Some of the topics covered included marketing through online presence, professional speaking, taking 100% responsibility for your life and success, the importance of image as a business owner, and taking advantage of social media and blogging. Many very important and helpful tools for creating success. We’re feeling energized and enlightened for the fourth quarter!