ShelfGenie is your source for custom designed, built and installed Glide-Out shelving solutions for any existing cabinet in the home. Our affordable, high impact shelves are designed to provide homeowners with easy access to their belongings in the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, garage or anywhere you have a cabinet or a shelf. By improving organization and accessibility, thereby reducing stress, our pull out shelves transform the way you use your home. Our locally owned and operated franchises will design and install your slide out shelves changing how you use the space in your home. Each custom made slide out shelf is designed to address your specific storage and organizational needs. When you want an affordable home improvement that is guaranteed to improve your relationship with your cabinets, you need ShelfGenie. These custom pull out shelves are built at our factory then delivered and installed by our certified Installers.  The installation takes only a few hours, and our shelves come with a lifetime guarantee on parts and labor.

These days, the smartest home renovations are the least visible.  While pull out shelves may be hidden behind closed cabinet doors, they are made from beautiful natural wood that is both durable and affordable.  Designed to move in and out easily with just the touch of a finger, they are strong enough to hold items up to 100 pounds.  Roll out shelves are made of earth-friendly Baltic birch and are constructed to the millimeter measurement for a completely custom fit.  Not only are roll outs one of the lowest cost remodeling projects you can do, they offer you an immediate return on kitchen satisfaction and long-term return on improved home value.

Janice highly recommends the ShelfGenie solutions for clients who would like more organization and better functionality in their kitchens. The Designer will come to your home and take time to understand how you use your kitchen and your specific storage needs. They will provide priceless advice on how to organize the items in your kitchen to create a more functional kitchen and leave you with a complete custom plan to improve access and increase your usable storage up to 50%. The consultation is FREE and includes a 3D drawing of your new kitchen plan. This product is especially great for small kitchens with few cabinets and for seniors with less mobility. ShelfGenie can be used in bathrooms and closets too!

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